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Ruth + Kevin I Historic Kent Manor Inn I Annapolis Maryland Videographers

Can’t believe this day finally arrived! It feels like ages since I first met Ruth and Kevin at their sunrise engagement session last year while the blossoms were just starting to bloom in DC. After a beautiful ceremony at the classic Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland the party got started at the Historic Kent Manor Inn which wrapped up with a fireworks display more epic than we’ve ever seen. Congrats again you two!


Katie + Josh I Kingsmill Resort I Williamsburg Virginia Videographers

Every couple has a story. You feel it in the way they interact, the way they touch each other, the way they love. They have a way of telling you their story without them even knowing. And when you pay really close attention, you can learn a lot about two people just by their love.

Katie and Josh have a story that is filled with moments – not all of them great, but all of them meaningful, all of them driving them together and all of them accumulating in a gorgeous spring day in Williamsburg Virginia. A story that, when you watch them together, is one you know is just getting started. One full of giggles and smiles that take up the entirety of your face, of tight hugs and playful teasing, of commitment and dedication, of loyalty and faith. Of two people who knew love when they saw love, and never questioned it or looked back.

Katie + Josh – where do we even begin with you two?! From the moment we met, you’ve kept us laughing and smiling, and feeling SO grateful to be your photographers. Your desire to put others first in all that you do is inspiring to watch and we were honored to be a part of a day that, although planned to perfection, was perfect because of the people in it. We are so excited for your new adventures together and can’t wait to see your story continue to be written.