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Lisa + Kei I Hammersky Vineyards I Paso Robles I California Destination Wedding Videographers

Fate has a funny way of doing its thing. And the Lisa + Kei’s story is no different. Lisa bumped into Kei at a coffee shop four years ago and kindly asked him if he was done with his seat so she could have a place to sit. Luckily for both of them he wasn’t finished and she opted for a seat that opened right next to him. A few hours of conversation quickly turned into 4 years of dating and landed them here at the beautiful Hammersky Vineyards in Paso Robles California.

Styled by the amazing staff at Danae Grace Events, Lisa + Kei’s wedding took place on perfect west coast fall day in October and was the perfect blend of the natural beauty of the vineyard and Lisa’s awesome eye for details. We were so honored to share the day with the incredibly talented Jeremy Harwell and look very much forward to working with him again in the future. Thanks again to Lisa + Kei for allowing us along on the big day!


Ashley + Matt I Wyndham Virginia Beach I Virginia Beach Virginia Videographers

Nothing is more rewarding than watching two close friends finally tie the knot. We’re so lucky to have been able to become so close with Ashley and Matt over the past few years as they’ve gone from dating to engaged to married! Their big day on the Virginia Beach ocean front was like a family reunion as there were 3 of our couples dancing the night away to the tunes of Snackbar Jones. We’re so pumped for these two as they continue their life together and are so flattered to be a part of their lives!


Melissa + George I White Clay Country Club I Delaware Wedding Videographers

Amazing people who love and admire each other. Better words could not be said about Melissa + George. They have that rare, immeasurable love that everyone should strive for. I’ve been lucky enough to spend quite a bit of time with these two and their families over the course of this year and it’s immensely apparent that they come by their amazingness rather honestly. The passion for caring and togetherness is rooted very deep in both of their families and is so apparent after just spending a few moments in a room with them.
After a quick and lovely first look Melissa + George were married in a wonderful church in her hometown in Delaware. Afterwards they head don over to the gorgeous White Clay Country Club for a epic night of dancing, drinks, and laughter. We’re so excited for the love these two share and wish them(and Max) the best!

Jessica + Nic I Mexico + France I Destination Wedding Videographers

Sometimes marrying your best friend isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be. For Jess and Nic that was no exception. There were so many things that were at work against these two that they had to overcome. From growing up on opposite ends of the world, happening to meet in their small college town in North Carolina, many a trip across the world, and ya know, a stolen passport the week of their international destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico and Limoges, France.

With travel and adventure so important to these two it was only fitting that they spend two weeks traveling up and down the west coast before embarking to Mexico for a beautiful wedding right on the beach. After a few days of beach bumming and partying up they hopped on over to Nic’s hometown in France for an epic reception with all his family and friends, in a castle that left all guests speechless with its beauty.

These two truly embody what it is to marry your best friend and soulmate, and have an amazing life of travel, adventure, and love ahead of them. They both know they’ll be there for each always and Jess can rest assured Nic will be her accomplice in mischief.