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Meggie and Kevin | Hayfields Country Club, Baltimore Maryland Wedding Videographers

I’ve known Meggie and Kevin for around 3 1/2 years now and I have to admit they are two of my absolutely favorite people. Due to the unfortunate side effects of growing up we’ve been spending less time with them each year as careers prosper and big moves come and go. Last winter after they got engaged we were able to spend a few days in NYC/New Jersey with Meggie and Kevin while they got their engagement photos done. We chatted and caught back up and I was just reminded how special these two are and how much they remind me of Ashley and myself.

To say that I was excited when Meggie and Kevin’s date rolled around was the understatement of the year. They were gracious enough to invite us up for the entire weekend and spend it with the entirety of their friends and family, many of whom I’d never met. Sometime during the rehearsal dinner is when it hit me and it all made sense. Seeing how these two were raised and the amazingly kind family they surround themselves with it was easy to figure out how they became the awesome couple they are today. They truly have some of the most amazing people in their lives and it really shines in their love.


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