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Jen and Sean | Anchor Inn, Baltimore Maryland Wedding Videographers

Baking from scratch is no easy feat. It takes time, attention, and patience. When Jen and Sean popped by our room the night before their wedding with a tin full of white chocolate pumpkin oatmeal amazingness I felt like we struck gold. Gooey, delicious, fall flavored gold. But then it got me thinking. If they are willing to spend so much time, energy, and love on others, how awesome is the love they share for eachother? The next day, I got my answer. It’s very apparent how much these two mean to eachother. Sean’s smile when Jen’s in the room, the way her eye close when he pulls her in tight, and even the way everyone around seems just a bit happier when they’re around. I couldn’t be any happier for these two and wish them the best in their many years of home baked cookies!



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