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Chrissy and Scott | MOCA,Virginia Beach Virginia Wedding Videographers

So. Occasionally we luck out and get a groom that is wickedly exited about his wedding. And don’t get me wrong, every guy is excited to marry the right girl, even if it’s just to end all the madness that was the wedding planning. But sometimes you get the guy who was involved, who loves the venue, has met the photographers, has counted down each day until he hits the happiest day of his life.

And then there’s Scott.

Every ounce of existence was completely bursting with excitement on his wedding day. He was back in his hometown of VA Beach with his best of friends. His family was there. He was marrying the love of his life, and he was just plain stoked on life that day, and for very good reasons.

Crissy and Scott’s wedding was absolutely perfect. Spending time with old friends, seeing the family they’ve missed since moving to Seattle. Oh and did I mention the perfectly executed “til death do us part” them by the team over at CMT Planning as well as some of the coolest tunes I’ve ever heard at a wedding. It was absolutely awesome to see these get everything they both wanted not just in their wedding but in each other as well!


Alos, make sure to head over to DCPG to check out some amazing images from their wedding!!


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