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Allie and Colin I VT Duck Pond, Virginia Tech Virginia Wedding Videographers

Ok wow, where to start with these two? There is so much to tell the world about my two new amazing friends Allie and Colin. For me it all starts with planning a wedding. You see, when Allie and Coling began to plan their wedding the only thing they agreed on was that it was going to be big. Epic even. Colin dreamed of a high ceiling ballroom, all his best friends dressed to the nines in tuxes, a five star food spread, and a long night of cocktails and cutting the rug. Allie on the other hand saw rolling fields, an all original wooden barn somewhere near Blacksbug where they live, showing off the best that Virginia has to offer in its laidback southern style. Through these ideas and subsequent discussion Allie and Colin were able to agree on one thing. That they needed to be married with their closest friends and family and of course Joey there to see.

It didn’t matter if it was a barn, ballroom, or the adorable Duck Pond on the Virginia Tech campus. It didn’t have to be a huge ceremony with hundreds and hundreds of guests. In fact it needed to be exactly twenty-two, twenty-five if you count Nick, myself, and the awesome Tara Lilly who was on hand to snag photos. And for them, it was perfect. We always love to become close to our couples but I really made new lifelong friends that day. I can’t wait for our hiking excursion next Spring and look even more forward to seeing the photos Joey snagged of me while filming!


December 5, 2012 - 4:53 pm

Allie Rubio - You guys are amazing! I will love this forever!

Justin & Mary | The Big Next: Turning Fear into Forward

Last month, Ashley I and spent Halloween with some old friends (and made some new friends) in CT at Justin & Mary‘s house. It was an absolute great time, and while we were there, we learned that J&M were going to be on Showit Live coming up in December…awesome right?!? J&M decided to put together a little video talking more about the course (which is FREE to view by the way) to get everyone excited. I was  more than happy to help them out, and over the course of a day we put together the film below. It was a lot of fun working with these two again (we did a video for them last year in Vegas which you can see HERE) because they always have clear cut ideas about what they want and need with audio and visuals, and of course, Mary is one of the best people with words I know.

The course airs LIVE December 17th-19th and you can tune in via those days to see some amazing-ness from these guys! -J

Chrissy and Scott | MOCA,Virginia Beach Virginia Wedding Videographers

So. Occasionally we luck out and get a groom that is wickedly exited about his wedding. And don’t get me wrong, every guy is excited to marry the right girl, even if it’s just to end all the madness that was the wedding planning. But sometimes you get the guy who was involved, who loves the venue, has met the photographers, has counted down each day until he hits the happiest day of his life.

And then there’s Scott.

Every ounce of existence was completely bursting with excitement on his wedding day. He was back in his hometown of VA Beach with his best of friends. His family was there. He was marrying the love of his life, and he was just plain stoked on life that day, and for very good reasons.

Crissy and Scott’s wedding was absolutely perfect. Spending time with old friends, seeing the family they’ve missed since moving to Seattle. Oh and did I mention the perfectly executed “til death do us part” them by the team over at CMT Planning as well as some of the coolest tunes I’ve ever heard at a wedding. It was absolutely awesome to see these get everything they both wanted not just in their wedding but in each other as well!


Alos, make sure to head over to DCPG to check out some amazing images from their wedding!!


Jen and Sean | Anchor Inn, Baltimore Maryland Wedding Videographers

Baking from scratch is no easy feat. It takes time, attention, and patience. When Jen and Sean popped by our room the night before their wedding with a tin full of white chocolate pumpkin oatmeal amazingness I felt like we struck gold. Gooey, delicious, fall flavored gold. But then it got me thinking. If they are willing to spend so much time, energy, and love on others, how awesome is the love they share for eachother? The next day, I got my answer. It’s very apparent how much these two mean to eachother. Sean’s smile when Jen’s in the room, the way her eye close when he pulls her in tight, and even the way everyone around seems just a bit happier when they’re around. I couldn’t be any happier for these two and wish them the best in their many years of home baked cookies!



Sharon and Barry | Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach, Virginia Wedding Videographers

The subject of sports can be a make or break part of a relationship. How many times we hear stories of the dejected wife who gets paid no mind to when her husband’s favorite sports team is on. But when both parties share a love and passion for a sport? Well that’s a game changer (no pun intended). Sharon and Barry’s love of baseball extends far beyond the details of their wedding. Growing their relationship through baseball games together, teaching their adorable kids the sport, and even having their engagement session at a baseball field, these two are die hards not only for the sport of baseball, but for each other.