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Jennifer and Adam | Town Point Club, Norfolk, Virginia Wedding Videographers

Life has a funny way of taking us all on its little adventures. Some big, some small. Some near, some far. Some good, some maybe not quite as good. Nevertheless these adventures all add up to what and where we are today. For Jenn and Adam, life has surely sent them on their fair share of its little trips. From Portsmouth, CNU, Tennessee, Charlottesville, and all the Army-Navy games in-between (Go Army!) they’ve been through a lot together. And most importantly they’ve remained so appreciative and humbled through it all and have built an amazing love based just not on the outcome, but importantly, the experience.


Kelly Ewell | Washington DC Promotional Video Videographers

I have to admit we felt very much honored to be invited into the lives of Kelly and Stephen for a whole day. It’s been so awesome getting to know Kelly, her brand, and her amazing client experience she gives over the past year and it’s so awesome that we are fortunate enough to be a part of it. If you’ve never had the chance to check her work I highly recommend heading on over to and taking the tour!


Paris and Maria | The Marquee, Richmond Virginia Wedding Videographers

There’s not quite enough words to describe how perfect Paris and Maria are for each other. A relationship that started 3000 miles apart has grown into marriage and home ownership in Richmond VA. We’ve been so fortunate to spend so much time getting to know Paris and Maria as well as their bridal parties; team Sass and team Awesome, and learning just how awesome they are. I think the look on Paris’ face when she finally gets to see Maria in her dress sums their love up better than any words could ever hope to.


Liz and Ryan | Baltimore, Maryland Promotional Video Videographers

There are so many ways and reasons why this video could have never happened. We have been fortunate enough to have become very close friends with Liz and Ryan over the past few years in a crazy string of coincidences and good luck. The bulk of our time together has been spent in Vegas where we met them in February 2011 at WPPI as we were being shot by many a phototog for Justin and Mary’s shootout that year. Fast forward 365 days and back in Vegas we are this time Liz and ryan are the models and Nick and I shooting them for a film for J&M, crazy small world stuff, I know! Then there was this whole crazy thing where you know, I got married in Vegas and of course Ryan jumped in as my groomsman in a clutch. It is absolutely unreal how amazing these two are and how much it means to us that we could be the ones to share their story with their couples and the rest of the world.

Shooting this film could not have been more awesome. We spent two full days with Liz and Ryan at their home in Baltimore and pretty much just hung out as went through their typical yet awesome routines. It truly makes so much sense to share Liz and Ryan’s story through their amazing life and how that can translate into something special and unique for anybody. It really didn’t hurt that we got to eat like kings for two days straight either. It was really a cool challenge to shoot in such a controlled setting like the coffee shop or their home and then go out into the crowd of the farmer’s market and shoot amongst the public. It’s always fun to see peoples reactions when you come flying by them with a glide cam!

Don’t forget to hop on over to and check their new branding that this launching with this film!


Michele and Christopher | Veritas Winery, Charlottesville Virginia Wedding Videographers

I don’t know that I can think of two professions more consuming and challenging than becoming a lawyer and the US Armed Forces. Both require a considerable amount of time of one’s youth, late nights, and some of the most mental and physical challenges a human being can take. I have to admit it was absolutely awe inspiring to see Michele and Christopher grow this amazing relationship they have despite all the challenges of their careers.

I immediately fell in love with these two from email number one. First they wanted to meet us at one of my favorite watering holes in Portsmouth, second they had already booked the gorgeous Veritas Winery in Charlottesville VA, third they chose the absolutely amazing Rob Garland to be their photographer. I was beyond excited to work with a couple so cool, in a place so wonderful, and with someone who’ve I respected so much over the years, it was just a little slice of heaven for me. It also didn’t hurt that Michele planned such an elegant affair with just the right amount of details and a heavy dose of fun! We hope you enjoy Michele and Christopher’s story as much as we did.


September 18, 2012 - 9:16 pm

Georgia Freeman - I LOVED the video it’s so beautiful.

September 21, 2012 - 10:28 am

Donna K. Bailey-Alexander - Absolutely breathtakinglingly beautiful!!! I am so proud that you are family. I pray nothing but the best for you.

November 19, 2012 - 3:01 am

Janet Bailey - Janet L. Bailey on November 19, 2012
What a beautiful couple who are now starting on the journey of life together. May God bless you and keep you in his arms. Keep your wonderful smile…